Dressing Up the Halter Tank Top

We all have a traditional halter tank top in our closets today and if you don’t see high fashion when you look at it, it’s time to be creative. The halter tank top can be worn as casual wear and can easily be dressed up for formal wear. Within this article we are going to point out some simple tips that allow you to tank a classic fashion piece and turn it into something you may not have even known it could be. There are so many different events that take place in our busy schedules today and if you can limit the amount of clothing you have to buy in order to look your best, you are getting further ahead in an every changing industry t-shirt maker.

1. Fashion Scarves: fashion accessories for women can take a plain halter top and turn it into something glamorous in a blink of an eye. A great fashion scarf, worn any way you choose can take your potentially out of date tank top and bring it up to speed with today’s fashions. A solid color halter tank matched with a bold patterned fashion scarf is a simple way to update any casual top.

2. Cropped Jackets & Sweaters: what makes cropped sweaters and jackets more appealing for the summer is their length. You don’t want to completely cover your halter tank but you do want to accentuate it properly. A cropped leather jacket provides you the necessary coverage you may be looking for as well as still showing enough of your tank to keep the style intact. During the summer months of the year you can find great cropped sweaters in burned out or worn materials that tend to be much cooler than traditional cottons.

3. Fashion Accessories: first, it is never advised to wear necklaces with a halter tank top. The obvious reason for this tip is that the halter neckline itself is enough of a fashion statement, when you add a necklace it can create a busy style which is not flattering. In terms of fashion accessories, depending on the length of your halter tank you may want to add a great belt of interest. Wide belts made of unique materials and colors can take a plain halter tank and turn it into formal wear in a snap.

Aside from these layering and fashion tips above, remember that the shoes you wear as well as the fashion choices you make to complete the ensemble can lead you toward casual or formal wear. For example, a great pencil skirt and stilettos paired with your halter top can instantly create a formal look. On the other hand when paired with your favourite pair of jean shorts and flip flops you are clearly leaning towards the casual wear aspect of women’s fashion. The Elan International clothing line can offer you all you need to take your old halter tank tops and turn them into formal ready pieces with little to no effort required.

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